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   “Welcome to Oh My Heartsie Girls “Wonderful Wednesday’s” This week we start a new year, this is our 2nd Oh My Heartsie Girls “Wonderful” Wednesday’ Linky Party in 2017 and enjoy sharing features for your great blogs that linked up with us from last week’s party. We’re happy to have you join us to share what you have going on in your […]

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Investment in Properties

The 5 Most Popular Ways To Invest In Property

Are you an aspiring property investor? If yes then you need to read on. There are many ways to invest in property. You can make money from real estate without risk by flipping properties without actually owning them. Alternatively, you can buy property for rental income or buy run down houses and fix them and sell. It is always better […]


Parenting: As A Parent How What Are The Drawbacks Of To Much Homework

As adults, when we recall our childhood, it is filled with stories of climbing trees, playing hide and seek, riding a bike, having kitty parties or going to a house party with your friends. We don’t ever recall complaining about how much homework we have to do, do we? Well, today’s kids do! And they aren’t the ones to blame. […]

All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy Is True: The Negatives of Too Much Homework

5 Reasons Why A Cruise Can Make Your Day Special-Feature

Travel Series: 5 Reasons Why A Cruise Can Make Your Day Special

Cruises have always been one of life’s greatest luxuries when it comes to going on a vacation or just spending a day enjoying the serenity and vastness of the sea. Not everyone can go on long voyages and trips on ships but with day cruises, you can by having your special events with your family and friends with their various […]


Health Series: How Could Fat Burners Benefit Your Body   Recently updated !

How Could Fat Burners Benefit Your Body? If you think Fat burners are just hyped, there’s a method to this madness. In simple words they are supplements which are designed with ingredients that can really give you the much needed push to burn fats. But before knowing them, it is better to look at why you should be taking them. […]


Travel Series: As a Solo Traveller 6 Essential Tips For Planning Your Successful Trip   Recently updated !

We all have a nomad inside us that keeps our wanderlust ignited and compels us to break the monotony of our routine life, grab our bag packs, and set on towards some distant lands, far off places, and other dream destinations all on our own. You might be influenced by your family, friends and your ideals, but this is an […]


Health Series: Adopting a Natural And Organic Lifestyle   Recently updated !

Adopting a Natural & Organic Lifestyle   Just like history, Nature is a great teacher and a precious source of lessons on beauty, wellbeing, and happiness. From diet and personal care to fashion and design, we could all pick up a few cues from Mother Nature on the things that make life healthy, positive, and inspiring, so if one of […]

Adopting A Natural and Organic Lifestyle-1

5 Ways To Reduce Our Ecological Footprint In Residences and Offices

Greener Businesses: 5 Ways You Can Help The Environment As An Employer

When speaking of sustainability, green is most definitely the new black! It isn’t only the world giants who are aiming to make the world a better place; Australia is playing an important role in it too. Diverting their attention to the greener aspect of things, business owners of today are looking for means to make their offices environmental-friendly and greener. […]